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Fine Art Film Photography Prints, Not just joy in how things used to be, 

Fine Art Film Photography Prints that sing a song of deep reflection, a childlike curiosity, and storied memories of your history, in a fresh, bright melody for your walls

but how they will always be.

Empathy and Equality

open us up to the most soulful human experiences.

The belief

True love

is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.

The belief

Love begets love.

The belief

the history

Passion Feeds Passion

A love of storytelling propelled Jackie from curious country kid to nationally acclaimed
portrait photographer. As she entered into her second decade of photographing luxury
weddings around the world, the planet came to a halt — forcing her creative energy into
a new and exciting stratosphere and helping her develop a deep appreciation for the
fine art world she welcomes you into today. 

Jackie Fox, Photographer

Seeker of heart, truth, and beauty.

A flawless day along the shore of a Vermont lake; the brightest, hottest day of summer. So bright, it felt like the sun and the air collapsed together and hung heavy over the landscape. We skirted in and out of the cool water all day, shouting ‘Dive In!’ like it was a prayer. Free of embellishments. No distractions. Pure. Bliss.

Moments recorded on medium format film evoke nostalgia with a soul : you can feel the tenderness of a mountain breeze, hear the whispers of rustling beach grass, bask in the silence of a soft sunrise. You love it not only because it was memorable, but because it was yours. 

If you look back on days like this with a joy-filled longing, you’ve come to the right place.

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